Client Feedback

I had the privilege of working with Hadas Stagman during my divorce mediation. Hadas was always professional, impartial, fair and knowledgeable. When things got pretty dicey, Hadas was able to diffuse the situation and find a happy medium for both parties. She worked tirelessly and expeditiously to make sure that our situation was executed quickly and economically. I gladly recommend Hadas Stagman. Mediation is the far better route.

Big thumbs up!

Craig A.


I feel confident in saying that when we chose Hadas Stagman to guide us thru the mediation process, it was the right decision. She made a very stressful and difficult time slightly easier to handle. She was extremely patient and understanding during the process and worked very efficiently to keep us on topic and moving forward at all times. Although I would not wish this process on anyone, if you are in the process of a divorce, Hadas is the one to work with!


Words cannot describe what an amazing Mediator Hadas Stagman is! In this difficult time she really took the time to help us work out our differences. I feel that the mediation could not have gone any smoother or faster. I highly recommend her!!!




Using Hadas made our legal divorce an easier and more amicable alternative to the typical lawyer’s path. She is knowledgeable and fair, and is the best neutral voice I could’ve hoped for!
Hands down recommendation for Hadas!

Scott H


I had heard from others that mediation was the best way to go regarding a divorce.
Our experience with Hadas was better than I could’ve hoped for.
Very professional and smart. She always has the best interest of the children at heart!
I’ve already referred her and received calls to thank me for recommending her.

Amy H

A great professional is the one that not only does a great job but takes an extra step to make sure everything is done right. By doing that, one stands out and it is often recognized and that makes all the difference. That is what Hadas does and that is what she did for us. Choosing Hadas Stagman as our mediator made this experience smoother and the path to come a better place to be.



This process is brutal and regardless of how civil we made it as a family, it’s nice to know you can have someone that only adds significant value, to the already difficult scenario. We were both very stressed out and not looking forward to sitting down to iron out the inevitable, but we knew it was time. Hadas was there to keep us calm and focused on the task at hand, when emotions were clearly running high. She utilized such candor and most importantly empathy, to move us along, while comforting us as we clearly drifted towards the end of our marriage. It was not easy, but without her, it would have been extremely hard to work through the maze called divorce. Thank you for being you Hadas and I highly recommend you hire her!!